Artificial Intelligence can transform your Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence can transform your Customer Experience

A good customer support is listed as number three on the five most important considerations for making a purchase. How can tech help you?

At Atos, Akshay Mathur is working as the Global Product Manager for SAP Cloud Platform. In this role, he is using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the customer experience, through strategy and building blocks.

CX and expectations

Akshay describes the current expectations of customers as follows: “The customers expect to have personalized, frictionless, on-demand and data-driven experience helping them to make a better decision. However, to deliver on this expectation of ‘always connected’ customer, the business must embrace the technology. Poor customer experience can lead to higher churn, diminished reputation, and reduced recommendation. Using Artificial Intelligence to deliver compelling experience can help the business to deliver on customer’s expectations significantly.”


To implement AI successfully into a project Akshay names five important points on how to leverage AI effectively;

1. Clear use cases - The AI system needs to collect relevant data for the AI-engine. 

2. A common organizational goal - Functional units need to have a common goal and departments should break down their silo’s. 

3. Data integration and harmonization - The AI system collects data from other systems to function properly. The system design needs this to allow.

4. Partner ecosystem integration - Independent partners need to be integrated for better endpoint management and real-time insights.

5. Contextualized customer experience - The system needs to know at what point the customer is in the customer journey so that it can give the right response.

Building blocks 

The most important use-cases of AI are automating consumer desks and back-office, customer analytics, predictive personalized experience and streamlining the purchase process. This can be done through for example chatbots, virtual assistants and CRM data analyses.

Aegon CX at the heart

One of the customer stories of Atos is the transformation in the customer experience of Aegon. Aegon has built a CX Lab right in the heart of its London office. In this lab, all the new service enhancements are tested. This leads to insights about customer analytics and predictive personalized experience.

Atos also introduced a new way of testing customer satisfaction. For the first time the Net Promoter Score for the staff, stakeholder and customer satisfaction was measured. This resulted in a well above the market norm for customer satisfaction in the Financial Services.

For in the future Akshay states that AI: “Is enabling businesses to unlock innovation and automation opportunities. It is creating a more efficient workplace allowing the business to focus on valuable tasks. … As the technology evolves, we expect the unified customer journey touchpoints – both offline and online, assisting business with more profound customer insights to create and deliver more values to their customers.”