Innovation white paper

Innovation white paper

Google is widely known for its innovation culture, and in collaboration with Atos’ technology new heights can be reached.

This white paper discusses various topics related to innovation and Cloud technology, such as: accelerating digital transformations, Google’s and Atos’ innovation methodologies, Moonshot Thinking and accelerating the speed of implementation.

Innovation is crucial when it comes to survival
Innovation is a hot topic for companies that strive for excellence. And with good reason. Research on innovation proves many things, and one in particular: innovation is crucial when it comes to business survival. Innovative companies stay ahead of the competition. Innovative companies offer more sustainable products. And innovative companies can offer the shortest product life cycles - allowing them to respond swiftly to new developments. 

It is the essence of innovation to fail most of the time

Astro Teller Captain of Moonshots, Google X

There are also human advantages to innovation. Employees tend to become more creative when there is an emphasis on innovation, resulting in more interesting new ideas (which ultimately help the business grow). In addition, people who work in innovative companies are usually happier about their work environment. 

Google Cloud is about innovation and security
Google’s Cloud is designed to excel in particular areas: innovation and security. Google Cloud enhances innovation with its flexible pay-as-you-go system and easy-to-use platform. There are simply no barriers to starting small scale experiments, while ensuring that the platform is ready to scale up when necessary. 

Google Cloud is regarded as one of the safest platforms in the world, as it relies on Google’s own private network - the largest in the world - and Google’s security technology, also used in Google’s eight other products, with more than a billion users each. And everyone knows; you only dare to push a racecar to its limits when you know for sure that the brakes are working properly. The same is true for cloud technology.

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