How technology redefines the concept of work

How technology redefines the concept of work

Let’s add tech to your workplace. Find new ways of working, accelerate innovation and safeguard your data on the most secure place you can find.

At Atos and Google, we believe that the concept of work has changed since the start of this millennium. Freedom to work where and when you want is considered business as usual. Data democracy and insights instead of information? Why not. Security is an essential part of the game. The driver? Technology. Solutions such as G Suite have pushed our perception of work and increased the fun. 

Numbers, numbers, numbers
Let’s go through some strong statistics. According to Gartner, employee engagement leads to 3.5% higher profit margins and by 2020, the greatest source of competitive advantage for 30% of the organizations will come from workforce’s ability to creatively exploit digital technologies. According to Bain & Co., inspired employees are 12,5% more productive than merely satisfied employees. Finally, according to Intuit, the Gig Economy in the U.S. is expected to grow from 34% in 2018 to 43% in 2020. 

G Suite makes working together a whole lot easier. G Suite contains all the apps and services that Google has used over the years to grow the company and help their workforce to innovate. Topics such as connect (email, calendar, hangouts, meet), create (sheets, docs, forms, slides, the Jamboard), access (drive, search), and control (admin, vault, workinsights) are addressed. While a Google Chromebook completes the cloud based workplace with a device which is fast, secure and simple to manage. Let’s go through some relevant topics.   

According to Forrester, companies interviewed for their research noted that G Suite catalyzed an organizational shift towards embracing innovation and changing the way employees do their work: Employees across business units and markets are able to access and share data more easily, improving the agility and flexibility of the organizations. G Suite’s intuitive collaboration tools made teams perform faster and more efficient by enabling employees to improve business processes and break down silos. 

These improvements in the way of working of the organizations contributed to the growth in top-line revenue. Additionally, after deploying G Suite, specific initiatives within the sales organizations emerged to optimize business processes and reduce back- office work. These initiatives led to increased sales productivity and better customer experience, which ultimately led to increased sales.

In addition to innovation-reasons, Forrester notes that interviewed organizations also deployed G Suite due to Google’s approach to security. Customers recognize the benefits of leveraging on Google’s global infrastructure, scale and security standards that provide a highly protected environment that shields organizations from cybersecurity threats. 

In addition, interviewed companies highly appreciate Google’s security tools designed to empower IT administrators and protect employees from spam, malware and phishing attacks. As well as the fact that the solution is always up to date with the latest security patches. 

Teamwork makes the dream work 
Finally, G Suite is built around collaboration. As you probably know, G Suite allows multiple team members to work on one document simultaneously, wherever they are and whenever they want. But there’s a lot more. Interested? Watch the video below: 


A first class digital workplace as a service
Concluding, one might say that the future of work will be a digital one, and that Atos and Google are positioned perfectly to help you transition smoothly into a new era with the solutions of G Suite and Chrome, while Atos provides an eXperience Level Agreement (XLA) to focus on employee workplace experience. Interested to learn more? Visit us at the Google Cloud Summit on October 10.