Why Atos is a leader in Cybersecurity

Why Atos is a leader in Cybersecurity

With a dedicated global team of over 5.000 security specialists and a worldwide network of Security Operation Centers, Atos’s end-to-end security partnership is recognised on an international level.

With the cyber threat landscape evolving at a rapid scale in a complexly growing environment, cybersecurity has become one of the top business risks. Are you prepared for the unexpected? Discover how the 6 pillars of Atos help you face cybersecurity challenges.

  1. Trusted digital identities - Identities need to be protected to avoid breaches, therefore we need to ensure integrity of the identities to control acces, making sure people have access to the right applications at the right time. Please continue reading in this White Paper how we use for example multi factor authentication as a method to build trusted digital identities.

  2. Digital workplace security - With the working environment becoming digital and less location-binded, we need to ensure security wherever people are located, on any device they’d like to work.  

  1. Hybrid Cloud Security - Moving to the cloud is no more a question of if but how, and how to move securely to the cloud. How to keep control on data (including the sensitive ones) while benefiting from the flexibility of the cloud? Atos has extensive experience in Cloud migration and corresponding security measures.

  2. Industrial & IoT security - With the number of connected objects growing exponentially, the IoT security as well as the OT security is increasingly a concern that needs to be addressed with a security by design approach. Atos can offer these solutions, please continue reading here.

  3. Data protection and governance - As a European leader of data protection, Atos guarantees the confidentiality of your sensitive data and offers a support through your digital transformation in compliance with new regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, eIDAS). Our data encryption solutions protect you from all risks of cyber-attacks in connecting your equipments to virtual environments. Our different ranges will suit every demand from protecting hardware key management and cryptographic operations to securing information flows in large sensitive networks. Curious? Please continue reading here

  4. Advanced detection and response - Atos manages over 100 million security events every hour. Our prevention, detection and remediation services establish highly resilient security practices to counter Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Operating from purpose-built 24×7 Global Security Operation Centers, our security services are intelligence-driven – keeping you one step ahead. Our cyber-security services are far-reaching.  We offer cyber threat management services, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and security audit across your enterprise operations. More information can be found here.