White paper: security

White paper: security

Atos and Google deeply care about security. In this White Paper you can read what we do in the field of Cloud security. 

In the past years, companies have started using more cloud services with security as a major driver. Given the fact that Google’s Cloud always uses the most modern technologies, always runs on up-to-date software and protocols, and always enjoys our physical security standards, we understand this perspective. 

The need for good Cloud security is high. Reports show that many companies are worried about cybersecurity and have experienced incidents. Their biggest concern is data loss and leakage. The biggest vulnerability is unauthorized access followed by insecure interfaces and APIs.

Big challenges are compliance with regulations and lack of infrastructure visibility. The latter because mostly a third party is involved in a network which means companies and service providers cannot directly see what is happening. And Atos and Google provide solutions for this.

Cloud security is an ever-changing field
There are many developments and threats in Cloud security. Passwords are past due. Hackers find new ways of phishing. Shadow IT is emerging. Security measures are more directed from core-to-edge. And machine learning is increasingly being used to predict and analyze security events. 

Altogether, security is one of the most important aspects of Cloud adoption. This white paper discusses the different aspects of cloud security. Topics include cloud embracing, compliance with rules and regulations, internal security and the technological aspects of security. 

To continue reading, please download our whitepaper here.