Machine learning: let's get started

Machine learning: let's get started

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing markets at a rapid pace, creating a massive demand for experts in these fields. 

Big businesses are already using Artificial Intelligence to simplify office tasks like automated e-mail responses, scheduling, and document access. Unfortunately, companies may lack skills and this means that just a handful can tap into the full potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Atos and Google Cloud AutoML solutions enable enterprises to take off with Machine Learning — even from scratch. 

One step back...
What are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning all about? We define Artificial Intelligence — or AI — as software algorithms that interpret and learn from data by using that information to achieve goals and tasks through adaptation. Machine Learning — or ML — is part of AI and outlines methods that help computers learn how to perform certain tasks. AI is broader than ML because it also covers a system’s ability to receive data or control, move, and manipulate objects based on learned information whether it is a robot or another connected device.

Cloud AutoML
Do you want to start experimenting with ML but lack the skills or know-how? Google Cloud AutoML enables developers to train their models with defined labels, making the skill gap to start with ML a lot smaller. These models easily integrate with your enterprise’s applications and websites. Use one of the AutoML products to train your customized ML models:

  • Cloud AutoML Vision and Video Intelligence: Enable developers to train their vision or video ML models to analyze visual data with a dedicated product for Object Detection/Tracking.
  • Cloud AutoML TablesTrain state-of-the-art Machine Learning models based on structured data with substantial speed and scaling capabilities.
  • Cloud AutoML Natural LanguageTrain custom models to analyze documents based on self-defined labels. Classify documents, identify a custom set of entities, or even analyze attitudes of English-language content. 
  • Cloud AutoML TranslationEnable developers to train a custom translation model that returns results specific to your domain.

Our Partners
Google Cloud AutoML partners utilize Machine Learning for a variety of requirements and situations. They chose preferred development paths based on their industry and need. Lets now review two cases that detail AutoML’s applications. 

Imagia yields new diagnostic possibilities by allowing clinicians to better understand and visualize conditions, like Alzheimer's. Their researchers are developing solutions that leverage the Cloud Machine Learning Engine and Cloud AutoML, training multiple AI models to effortlessly run large ensemble learning methods and identify markers for conditions, such as chronic and age-related degenerative diseases for preventative assessment.

Even more, the online fashion bedding brand, California Design Den, is integrating its entire product image library with its database on the Google Cloud Platform. By experimenting with Google Cloud Vision and Google Cloud AutoML, California Design Den is moving toward a day when team members can run sales scenarios and obtain in-depth background data on individual product performance while viewing relevant product images.

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Start training your own custom Machine Learning models right now and grasp the possibilities. Are you interested? Please continue reading here to discover more possibilities.