The implications of working from home

The implications of working from home

Already before the COVID19 crisis that we are currently in, the Dutch labour market was changing with working from home becoming more common. The amount of Dutch employees who - sometimes - work from home increased from 2.8 million in 2013 to 3.3 million in 2018, according to Statistics Netherlands. The highest numbers of employees working from home were found in Utrecht and Amsterdam, with a staggering 45% occasionally working from home.

When our society opens up and life returns back to normal, will working from home stay? What are the advantages for your organisation? This article elaborates on the benefits of flex work. 

Closing the gender gap
Organizations that provide more flexible working options are proven to perform much better in retaining and engaging their talents. A Pew study found that 60% of working mothers feel that finding an optimal work-family balance is difficult. Furthermore, women that have no flexible job options are 20% more likely to leave their current job for a more flexible one in the coming 3 years, according to BCG. Out of women that leave their job, 69% say they would not have done so if their employer offered more flexible work adjustments. 

Remote workers are happier and healthier
Employees working from home have shown to be healthier. A 2016 publication in the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Workers Report explains that remote workers take an average of 2.4 sick days per year, compared to 2.6 sick days for those working fulltime at the office. Furthermore, according to a FlexJobs study, almost 75% of respondents said inflexible work has conflicted with their efforts to become healthier. Plus, 89% believed a flexible job would help them take better care of themselves. 

A poll by FlexJobs reinforces these statements with 81% of respondents thinking a flexible job would help them be a better spouse, partner, or significant other - a great indicator of worker’s personal lives. Moreover, a study by Vault showed that remote workers reported a 77% satisfaction with work/life balance. Likewise, according to a 2018 Zenefits survey, 73% of respondents said flexible work arrangements increased their satisfaction at work.

How we helped Atlassian at remote work
So how does one implement a structure that facilitates working from home? We have chosen the Atlassian case to explain some best practices. Atlassian is a globally distributed maker of software that helps teams collaborate more effectively. In early 2017, Atlassian acquired project collaboration software maker Trello. However, collaborating with Trello initially proved problematic as many of its staff worked remotely. Atlassian faced the challenge of bringing these and other remote staff into collaboration sessions and conversations. The business experimented with pointing cameras at its physical whiteboards. However, while remote workers could view proceedings, they found it difficult to contribute effectively.

Atlassian experimented with a projector-based digital whiteboarding product. However, this product did not fully solve the problem with remote users, so the organization continued its search. Its investigations soon led it to Jamboard – the collaborative, digital whiteboarding solution from Google. Watch this video to know more about Jamboard:



Jamboard is not the only G Suite product delivering value to Atlassian. The business uses Calendar to schedule appointments and Gmail to provide email capability. Its employees also use Drive for file storage and synchronization and Sheets to capture and visualize data. Slides also continues to win support within the organization and it recently completed a Slides version of its default presentation deck for customers, prospects, and other parties. Please click here to get to know more about our partnership with Atlassian.

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