How to get rid of worries about data regulations

How to get rid of worries about data regulations

Data lakes are ever-expanding, and so are the rules and regulations around them. It can be a real difficulty to keep track of and comply with these regulations. Luckily, the Cloud provides a solution.

The data regulation jungle
According to Global Compliance News, companies should take data privacy and security laws more seriously than ever. This entails considering the likelihood and severity of risk, business necessity and the multiple interests of consumers, employees, the business itself and other individuals. Not surprisingly, this is quite a task.

If your company is unable to make sense of all this, regulators may resort to enforcement and jurisdictions. Possible fines can reach 20 million euro or 4% of global revenue. In addition, data subjects can seek compensation for damages. How do successful companies deal with these challenges?

Security as a reason for Cloud migration
At Google, handling security and compliance-related data challenges is business as usual. In essence; it is our highest priority to protect the information of our billions of users, and these best practices have been copied to our Google Cloud Platform. This is probably why research shows that 44% of IT managers will consider a Cloud migration for security reasons (e.g. to swiftly comply with GDPR regulations, or other certifications and compliance standards that Google Cloud meets). Forrester even named Google as the leader in public Cloud security.

If you are unsure about your company’s data protection and regulatory compliance, Google Cloud can help. The video below from Next ’19 covers recent trends in data security and presents tools you can use to help address your compliance needs—and how Google can help with both:


Partners that complement
When it comes to translating the technological side of Cloud security and compliance to your actual business: people also play a major role in setting high security standards. A study from McAfee shows that 80% of their customers have at least one compromising account threat per month, and a Gartner study shows that 99% of Cloud security failures will actually be the customer’s fault.

This is where Atos complements Google Cloud. At Atos we know how to build a robust approach to cybersecurity to protect data, for example by using A.I. and M.L to identify sensitive data (even while at rest) and we have developed algorithms that can identify and block multiple hundreds of security threats per second. In addition, Atos can help maintain centralized control over Identities and Access Management, as well as Encryption Keys.

Interested in learning more about what steps you can take to build a secure Hybrid Cloud? Please click here to read Atos’ position paper on ‘Building Trust in a Hybrid Cloud’.