Innovative Financing: Next-Generation Loan Software

Innovative Financing: Next-Generation Loan Software

The retail financial sector is ripe for disruption. Traditional banks used to own the front end of this sector, but now more and more tech platforms are eagerly looking for interesting opportunities. Therefore, they work together with banking institutions to provide seamless transactions by applying technology in the world of finance.

 At the Google Cloud Next ‘19 event, Atos announced a partnership with Circeo, a FinTech company leader in developing next-generation retail loan software. Together, they are to develop an innovative loan management solution through Google Cloud Platform. Initially designed for an important overall retailer, such a solution will now become available for sale to a wider public. This exciting example shows how Atos and Google Cloud are sharing their best to support scalable solutions.   

Circeo: Next-Generation Lending
Circeo is an innovative FinTech company that aims to deliver the next-generation flexible digital lending platform. This cloud-based platform enables the tailoring of financial products in just a few days. Here, digital transformation of retail lending is key, part of Atos’ FinTech Partner Program, and one of Atos’ most powerful FinTech accomplishments.

The Loan Factory
The Circeo Retail Lending platform is called Loan Factory. It has processed 20,096 applications since January 1 and is the first multi-product, multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-regulation platform. Its system can keep track of multiple products on multiple channels in different languages while running various regulations at once. This makes it appealing for a variety of purposes and businesses.To learn more about the Loan Factory, watch the video below:


The Best of Both Worlds
The collaboration is based on a hybrid cloud solution that brings together Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Atos’ end-to-end cloud management expertise, as well as infrastructure services and support. Thus, users benefit from a fully-managed and secure cloud service, seamlessly integrated with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“This solution demonstrates the unique value we deliver to our customers thanks to our ambitious FinTech Engagement program that aims to bridge the gap between banks and the FinTech world,” says Wim Los, SVP, Global Head of Atos and Google Cloud enhanced Alliance at Atos. “Developed by Atos and Circeo, this framework will be replicated for other clients on other markets.”

“We’re delighted that Atos and Circeo chose to develop this solution with the Google Cloud Platform,” said Rayn Veerubhotla, Director, Strategic Co-Innovation at Google Cloud. “With this solution, customers can modernize their existing infrastructure and begin to take advantage of the core capabilities of Google Cloud.”

This project is an exciting move forward for Atos, Google Cloud & Circeo. It is through the power of these collaborations that it is truly possible to add something new.

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