How does the technology behind Anthos work?

How does the technology behind Anthos work?

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular: over 80% of companies utilize a multi-cloud strategy, often including a hybrid cloud model. Hybrid and multi-cloud models still come with challenges like managing workloads and re-architecting applications for different systems. This is where Anthos comes in, offering next-generation technology. In this article we explain what the promising tech behind Anthos is all about. 

Bridging the gap
Anthos is an open-source platform for hybrid and multi-cloud applications, pioneered by Google. It allows you to modernize, build and run applications anywhere in a secure manner. Anthos offers a unified control panel and service delivery across Google Cloud, on-premise environments and other Cloud providers. The video below explains what Anthos does:

Building blocks
Kubernetes lies at the heart of Anthos. This system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications was originally designed by Google and is now open source. Kubernetes is incorporated into Anthos as the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Anthos GKE is the central command and control center of Anthos. The GKE control panel can be used to manage distributed infrastructure. Anthos GKE allows for quick, managed, and simple installs as well as upgrades validated by us. GKE makes container management easy. 

The second building block is Anthos Configuration Management. Rapid and secure application development can be a challenge for administrators, especially in different environments. Anthos Config Management enables customers to create a common infrastructure across all environments. Deployment artifacts, network policies, configuration settings and passwords; Anthos Config Management can maintain and apply a common configuration to all systems. 

Anthos Service Mesh: another core component of Anthos. Anthos Service Mesh connects, manages and secures microservices, the building blocks of applications. We provide a fully managed platform. And this means you can focus on developing apps. Traffic management, mesh telemetry and securing communications between services are all part of this. 

Using Anthos to improve compressing air
“Application modernization is enabling business innovation for Kaeser,” said Falko Lameter, CIO Kaeser Kompressoren SE of Coburg. This German company provides compressed air products and services. The company was looking for a way to manage on-prem workloads and simultaneously tap into other services running on Google Cloud. Anthos was the perfect solution.

Kaeser Kompressoren wanted to gain more insights from their data. Incorporating advanced machine learning and data analytics was therefore necessary. Anthos offered the flexibility to modernize on-premises applications without causing business disruption. Meanwhile, Kaeser Kompressoren was able to take advantage of the managed data analytics and AI/ML services that Google Cloud offers.