How Anthos helps to build a futureproof infrastructure

How Anthos helps to build a futureproof infrastructure

“Although 84% of executives agree that innovation is important to growth strategy, only 6% is satisfied with innovation performance.” Clearly, there is room to improve innovation strategies. Anthos, our platform to manage applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, can help your organisation to take innovation to the next level by modernizing your existing applications.

Shift to a higher gear
Anthos improves time to market by accelerating application modernization and thereby increasing the speed of executing experiments or prototypes. Business agility is improved by using Kubernetes services managed by Google. Anthos brings Google Kubernetes Engine to your infrastructure of choice helping you to modernize applications on-site or in the cloud. For example, Anthos allows you to continue using your on-premise servers and, simultaneously, e.g. add machine learning to an application.

Bigger and bigger
Scalability allows you to innovate at the scale you want, even when this scale is changing continuously. Containers and Kubernetes help to spin infrastructure up and down on demand, which is especially important when you experience big spikes in usage. KeyBank, for example, experiences this on busy days like Black Friday and before Christmas. Capacity can easily be tripled effortlessly: when needed, Kubernetes infrastructure spins up capacity automatically and scales down again when demand lowers.

Winning time
Anthos speeds up operational processes. It frees up time for innovation by providing one common user interface. Anthos is designed to run where you need it to, on-premise or in the cloud, with a consistent view and controls across these environments. Anthos Config Management enables you to create a common configuration across all infrastructure, which enables consistency everywhere in a declarative way, helping your distributed infrastructure to remain compliant and ready for auditing. In addition, Anthos Service Mesh provides a fully managed platform for securely connecting, controlling and observing deployed microservices. It helps to apply best practices from Google's Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to your deployments.

No worries
Anthos offers you more flexibility. It gives you the option to choose multiple vendors. Whether this means choosing another vendor besides your on-premise accounts or opting for multiple cloud vendors, it will prevent you from a vendor lock-in. Using Anthos, you will not become fully dependent on one vendor. If another vendor offers a technical tool, you can change without substantial costs or technical incompatibilities.

Lift and Modernize
With Migrate for Anthos, you can easily migrate and modernize your existing workloads to containers on a secure and managed Kubernetes service. Your teams can deploy, operate, and maintain existing applications more efficiently and cost effectively, using the same services, policies, and methodologies of a modern platform.

Migrate for Anthos minimizes the manual effort required to move and convert existing applications into containers which can run on any Anthos managed infrastructure. You can target workloads from virtual machines or physical servers running on-premises, in Google’s Compute Engine, or in other clouds.

Banking with Anthos
KeyBank is one of the organizations that joined the Anthos early access programme. This super-regional bank has been around for almost 200 years, with $137 billion under its management. Having existed for such a long time, KeyBank knows how to keep up with the pace of change and now chose Anthos to help them. KeyBank chose Anthos to develop personalized banking solutions for its customers. This extends the benefits of containers and Kubernetes to legacy applications. The video below explains more about why KeyBank turned to Anthos.


A part of Keybank’s organisation already used containers and Kubernetes. In 2015, they acquired the First Niagara Bank and had to onboard 500,000 online retail bank clients. During the conversion weekend, clients experienced trouble logging in. KeyBank was able to deploy as many as 10 fixes to solve the problems within two days. This would not have been possible without using Anthos’ container-based approach. With Anthos, KeyBank wanted to bring this fast scalability to their entire infrastructure.

Altogether, Anthos helps to build a futureproof infrastructure in many ways. Application modernization is accelerated, scaling is done faster, operational processes are sped up and flexibility is increased. Do you want something similar for your organisation? Check out this website.