Anthos: making security your highest priority

Anthos: making security your highest priority

In 2020, according to research by Forrester, two important trends can be distinguished in the world of cloud computing: new cloud alliances and increased concerns about security. Anthos, Google Cloud's multi and hybrid cloud application platform, tackles both. Anthos enables building and managing applications anywhere in a secure, consistent manner. With the new and improved multi-cloud support for AWS, Anthos takes its first steps to support new cloud alliances. 

In addition to enabling cloud alliances, Anthos helps organisations improve their security standards. This article focuses on the latter. Anthos provides the ability to enforce security standards on clusters, deployed applications, and even the configuration management workflow using a configuration-as-code approach and centralized management. By providing consistent access controls across environments, Anthos enables you to secure your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.  

Anthos has numerous security features built into its platform. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at three of them: Binary Authorization, Anthos Service Mesh, and Anthos Config Management. 

Binary Authorization
Binary Authorization is a service on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that provides software supply-chain security when deploying container-based applications. With Binary Authorization, you can require images from container registry to be signed by trusted authorities during the development process, and then enforce signature validation when deploying. By enforcing validation, you can gain tighter control over your container environment by ensuring that only verified parts of your software are integrated into the build-and-release process. You can continue reading about Binary Authorization here.

Anthos Service Mesh
Anthos Service Mesh is a fully managed, operational, efficient, and secure service mesh. It lets you easily manage complex microservice architectures, making sure you enjoy all of its benefits without having to deal with its related complexity. The Anthos platform relieves your operations and development teams by simplifying service delivery, such as traffic management and communication security. Manage authorization, authentication, and encryption between services with a diverse set of features - without changes to the applications themselves. Anthos Service Mesh lets you set up a reliable, and secure Service Mesh. For more details about Anthos Service Mesh, click here. 

Anthos Config Management
Enabling rapid and secure application development can be challenging for administrators working across a hybrid and multi-cloud container environment. With Anthos Config Management, you can create a common configuration across your entire infrastructure, including custom policies, and apply it both on-premise and in the cloud. Anthos Config Management evaluates changes and rolls them out to all Kubernetes clusters so that your desired state is always reflected. Maintain control over cluster sprawls, put security guardrails in place, and enforce policies across Kubernetes deployments, all using Anthos Config Management. For more information, please continue reading here.

Please take a look at the video below to learn more about some of our best practices when it comes to securing your software supply chain, using Anthos’ features:


Try Anthos for yourself
The Anthos Sample Deployment on Google Cloud lets you explore Anthos features following our tutorial. This is a full setup deployment with a sample application and just requires you to create a Google Cloud project. If you’re excited about Anthos as we are, please feel free to explore its possibilities.

Interested to learn more about what Anthos can do for your organization? Forrester published a new Total Economic Impact Report specifically on Anthos, you can download it here.