Anthos: An exciting future ahead

Anthos: An exciting future ahead

Since its release, our application modernization platform Anthos has come a long way. Recently, we announced that Anthos is going to take its first steps in supporting multi-cloud environments. This will enable high reliability, auto-scaling, integration with existing AWS environments, operational consistency, and integration with the full Anthos stack. Later this year, Anthos will also support Azure to facilitate more multi-cloud plans.

The future of Anthos is exciting. In this article, we would like to touch upon the past of Anthos and then dive into the future with a new and upcoming deployment option: Anthos on bare metal. A new option which can reduce operational costs and help you get the most out of your application development.

Write once, run anywhere
Last April, Anthos celebrated its first anniversary since the release in 2019. We developed Anthos because clients repeatedly asked for ‘write once, run anywhere’, meaning the possibility of writing any containerized application and deploying it to multiple platforms. This brings the added benefits of working across platforms, such as faster development and lower costs. Anthos enables you to run applications, unmodified, on existing on-premise hardware investments and in the public cloud. 

Over the past year, an increasing amount of functionalities were added to the platform. For instance, more 3rd party ‘Works with Anthos’ apps were released, making for a more wholesome experience. Next, Migrate for Anthos enables clients to take Virtual Machines (VMs) from AWS, on-premise or Google Compute Engine, and move them directly into containers running in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Furthermore, various other services were added to the platform to respectively connect, manage, and secure microservices and give partners that have optimized running with Anthos on-premise, a fitting qualification.

Adding something new
Anthos will receive an important update. While some customers want to run Anthos on their existing virtualized infrastructure, others want to eliminate the dependency on a hypervisor layer, to modernize applications while reducing costs. A new option to run Anthos on bare metal later this year will let you do just that. 

 Anthos on bare metal is a deployment option that allows you to run Anthos on physical servers, deployed on an operating system provided by you, without a hypervisor layer. Anthos on bare metal will come with built-in functionalities such as networking, lifecycle management, diagnostics, health checks, logging, and monitoring. Additionally it will support CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and Ubuntu (all validated by Google). With Anthos on bare metal, you can use your company’s standard hardware and operating system images, taking advantage of existing investments, which are automatically checked and validated against Anthos infrastructure requirements. 

As mentioned in an earlier article, the Forrester Total Economic Impact report showed that Anthos enables a 40% to 55% increase in platform operations efficiency. By running your applications closer to your customers, latency is generally reduced and the overall experience can be improved. Even computationally intensive applications such as GPU-based video processing and machine learning can be done effectively with Anthos on bare metal. It allows you to access all benefits of Anthos and use them for your most demanding applications. Interested in exploring what a bare-metal deployment option implies? Please continue reading here.

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Interested to learn more about what Anthos can do for your organization? Forrester published a new Total Economic Impact Report specifically on Anthos, you can download it here.