Anthos is gaining ground in the public sector

Anthos is gaining ground in the public sector

Anthos is increasingly popular in the public sector. At the beginning of June 2020, Google Cloud and the UK government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to boost cloud innovation. This agreement enables UK public sector agencies to reap the benefits of Google Cloud. 

The highlight of the agreement is Anthos: Google Cloud’s hybrid and multi-cloud solution. Anthos enables organizations to easily manage workflows across multiple clouds and on-premise. This way, a costly vendor lock-in can be avoided. In addition, public sector organisations can use the full range of Google Cloud technologies. These advanced technologies range from artificial intelligence to infrastructure to analytics and collaboration solutions. 

More than one cloud
The UK government is not the only public body transitioning to Anthos. An increasing number of organisations recognize the value of a multi-cloud strategy. Recently, Google Cloud earned a defense contract win with Anthos. The US Department of Defense has always used a multi-cloud strategy. Anthos now provides a way to monitor security across all environments while being managed from the central Google Cloud Console.

Multi-cloud is the future. The majority of commercial businesses run multi-cloud environments securely and seamlessly, and this is now coming to the federal government as well.

Mike Daniels VP of Global Public Sector at Google Cloud

CCS, the UK Cabinet Office executive agency and trading fund, arranged the new MoU under its One Cloud Government Strategy. With this strategy, the CCS makes an effort to open up the cloud market for more suppliers. All with the aim of providing the best value for public sector agencies in the cloud world. Anthos is the solution that opens doors in the simplification of multi-cloud strategies. 

Security as a top priority
Another important reason why Anthos is making its way into the public sector is its advanced security. Anthos allows organizations to use Google Cloud’s world-class security tools to protect data and to meet compliance standards as set by the government. What makes these features even more special is the fact that they can be used across all multi-cloud environments. Please click here to read more about the security that Anthos can provide.

UK Government
The intent of the MoU is to make the digital transformation easier and more affordable for UK public sector agencies. Google Cloud has confirmed a discount for qualifying public sector bodies. Organizations such as NHS bodies, local councils, government departments and charities are all included. Google Cloud and CCS also support UK SMEs that partner with public sector agencies. The UK government uses a digital marketplace for these cloud services. Public sector bodies can purchase these services without having to run a full procurement process which makes digital transformation way easier. 

"CCS provides commercial agreements which help organizations across the entire public sector save time and money on buying everyday goods and services,” said Simon Tse, Chief Executive, CCS. "This MoU with Google Cloud unlocks large-scale business benefits for our customers, and demonstrates CCS's role in helping the public sector serve UK citizens in more innovative ways."

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